Cosmetic Argan Oil (50ml)


Argan oil is ideal for skin and hair care, with its natural moisturising effect, and is more easily absorbed by skin and hair than other, heavier oils. Rich in vitamin E, carotene, richly moisturising squalene, complex fatty acids and natural phenols, argan oil, Argan oil has been Morocco's beauty secret for centuries. Due to the natural extraction and filtering processes used, this product may have some sediment.

Use daily, either before bed as a night moisturiser or in the morning to prepare your skin for the rigours of the day or use in your hair as a hydrating mask before washing.

Also available in 200ml size.

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100% Pure Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa kernel oil), first cold pressed for optimum purity and quality.


Pipette bottle with darkened glass, allowing open storage in bathroom.


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